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Rural Math Collaborative

Rural Math Collaborative

Rural Math Collaborative Asynchronous Modules

The Rural Math Collaborative has developed FREE asynchronous courses based on the 2023 California Mathematics Framework. 

The RMC Number Sense Module Overview provides an introduction to the layout of the entire Framework including the Drivers of Investigation, Content Connections and their connection to the Standards for Math Practice. The Overview then introduces aspects of the Framework’s interpretation of number sense, and the progression of number sense ideas through grades TK-8.

The Number Sense Module Part 1: Grades TK-2 provides guidance to grades TK-2 educators taken from Chapter 3 of the 2023 Math Framework. This information is focused around three key areas of number sense in grades TK-2: organizing and counting numbers, comparing and ordering numbers on a line, and operating with numbers flexibly.

The Rural Math Collaborative team appreciates your feedback and invites you to complete the survey once you complete the modules. 


The Rural Math Collaborative will strengthen a system of support for math instruction across the state, specifically supporting small County Offices of Education and small Local Educational Agencies. Key components of the Rural Math Collaborative include on-going, high quality professional development and coaching, ongoing Professional Learning Networks (PLN) focused on mathematics instruction (including Lesson Study) and mathematics interventions focused on issues faced by small, rural, isolated support providers. The Rural Math Collaborative will accelerate learning in mathematics by building capacity and supporting participating county offices of education (COE) and local educational agencies (LEA) with the following:

  •     Professional Development
  •     Professional Learning Networks
  •     Coaching
  •     Lesson Design and Lesson Study
  •     Intervention Support

RMC efforts will initially focus on building the capacity of rural COE partners throughout the state and then expand to all LEAs interested in learning acceleration strategies for mathematics.  

The RMC will also build, pilot, and scale two evidence-based intervention programs: High Impact Tutoring and Do the Math. Recent research demonstrates tutoring programs consistently lead to large improvements in learning outcomes for students, including research indicating that tutoring can double or triple the amount of math high school students learn in one year. The RMC will work to build capacity with participating counties and LEAS to implement tutoring programs that honor the small and rural context while maximizing impact on accelerating success in mathematics. The Rural Math Collaborative (RMC) elementary level math intervention pilot will use the Do the Math program published by Heinemann. There will be 40 second grade teachers selected to participate across our 20 counties. They will be trained to use the Do the Math as a small group tier two intervention in the classroom.



Lake County Office of Education

Kim Ferguson, Grant Lead
[email protected]

Butte County Office of Education

Michelle Sanchez, Grant Lead
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Rural Math Collaborative Goals

Rural Math Collaborative Partners

The Rural Math Collaborative has partnered with over 20 small and/or rural COEs to reach all educators in the far north region. Additionally, the Rural Math Collaborative includes a strong partnership with the following Institutes of Higher Education to develop and implement high-quality professional learning in mathematics.

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Butte County Office of Education


Lake County Office of Education

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Institutes of Higher Education & Non-Profits

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