Learning Acceleration System Grant

Learning Acceleration System Grant

Learning Acceleration System Grant

Evidence-based strategies for rapid student progress

Theory of Action

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and, in some cases, extended periods of remote instruction, may have contributed to lost instructional time for California students. 

Section 152 of Assembly Bill (AB) 130 (the 2021-22 Education Omnibus Trailer Bill), as amended by Section 143 of AB 167 (Chapter 252, Statutes of 2021), appropriates funding to the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) to administer, in partnership with one or more county offices of education, “…evidenced-based professional education for educators that can support learning acceleration, particularly in mathematics, literacy, and language development.” This will be done by building sustainable structures of professional learning to improve teaching and maximize learning.

What is Learning Acceleration?

“Learning acceleration is a system-wide approach that strategically tackles unfinished learning using a whole-child approach. This includes using formative data, a deep understanding of learning progressions, and a relational approach to accelerate learning. Students engaged in acceleration access a laser-focused, high-quality, and rich learning experience by moving students forward and setting them up for success with just-in-time training on required foundational skills. An acceleration approach, in essence, is about building bridges rather than filling holes.

Accelerated learning strategies are those designed to meet pupils where they are in their learning and use evidence-based approaches to enable pupils to make strong and rapid progress in their mastery of knowledge and skills. These strategies may include individual or small group tutoring or whole class instruction using well-grounded methods with scaffolding and differentiation that meet pupils’ specific needs. To learn more about the key components of learning acceleration, resources, and research please visit the CCEE’s Playbook for Accelerating Learning.

Goals of the Learning Acceleration System Grant

County Office of Education Partners

The CCEE has partnered with three county offices of education to lead the following projects funded by the Learning Acceleration System Grant:

Current Opportunities

Project CLEAR

Project CLEAR builds capacity in implementing and accelerating literacy development in districts across the state. Educators can participate in one of two levels of professional learning offered through Project CLEAR - Teacher Leaders and Teachers. Participation is fully funded through Project CLEAR! For more information, see Project CLEAR's webpage.


Access FREE, online, asynchronous professional learning courses for learning acceleration in targeted math, literacy, and language development areas that infuse critical elements of Universal Design for Learning, Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy, and Social-Emotional Learning. Updates will be posted here and on the CCLA webpage. If you are interested in learning more, please visit the CCLA website.

Rural Math Collaborative

Available Fall 2023 ... FREE, online, asynchronous professional learning modules on Multi-tiered System of Support and Universal Design for Learning in the mathematics classroom, coaching, Lesson Study, and instructional strategies and concepts from the California Mathematics Framework.

For More Information


Barb Flores, Project Director
[email protected]

CCLA Website


Dr. Shannon Baker, Executive Director
[email protected]

Cynthia Craft, Coordinator, ELA [email protected]

Dr. Michanne Hoctor, Coordinator, ELA [email protected]


Kim Ferguson, Grant Lead
[email protected]

Michelle Sanchez, Grant Lead [email protected]


Stephanie Gregson
Deputy Executive Director

Stacey Wedin
Assistant Director
[email protected]

Belinda Gaspar
Program Specialist
[email protected]

Sandra Brandt
Administrative Assistant II
[email protected]

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